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Exclusive: Listen to a Sweet, Wistful Track from Seattle’s Blackheart Honeymoon

Blackheart Honeymoon, Casey Cosley
Blackheart Honeymoon by Casey Cosley

Usually when half a band quits, it’s pretty bad news, and it’s unlikely the group will pull through. For Seattle’s Blackheart Honeymoon, that trial was nothing but an excuse to work harder, reforming as a quintet and hitting as many stages as they could around town. Now, Ian Prebo, Wesley Amundsen, Steven Andrea, and their newer additions Adrienne Marie Pollock and Dusty Hayes are triumphantly preparing to release their full-length debut, Mountains Speak, in early August.

“Bodies,” a track from the upcoming album, premiering exclusively for Elmore, proves that reinventing can be a great thing. The addition of vocalist Adrienne provides a dynamic range, especially when paired against the raspy low tones of lead vocalist Ian Prebo. The contrast evokes a bassline of classic Americana influence, from the Byrds to Fleetwood Mac, yet the bittersweet wistfulness of the lyrics grooves against an upbeat, hand-clapping melody, lending the track a dash of modern alt-twee, reminiscent of the New Pornographers.

Give “Bodies” a listen below, and be on the lookout for this summer’s Mountains Speak.

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