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Exclusive: Listen To The New EP From Roger Street Friedman

Roger Street FriedmanNew York-based singer/songwriter Roger Street Friedman released his debut solo album The Waiting Sky last year and has returned with the acoustic Gone Gone Gone EP, premiering here.

Friedman took a bit of circuitous route to a career as musician: he played in bands and ran a demo recording studio in his early adulthood, then left the music business for two decades before finally returning in recent years, now as a solo artist, following the deaths of his parents. He compares his music to Paul Simon, Jackson Browne and Peter Gabriel, and the stylistic similarities to those artists are evident on this EP.

Gone Gone Gone features remixed tracks from his debut album The Waiting Sky, removing the drums and some of the overdubs, presenting the songs “unadulterated” and in their “bare bones” form.

Friedman plays regularly throughout the NYC circuit and will be performing this Friday at Rockwood Music Hall, The Strand Smokehouse, Port Washington Public Library and the Oak Room Tavern. Listen to Gone Gone Gone below:

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