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Exclusive: Seattle’s Indie-Americana Band Brite Lines Premieres Full Album


Officially releasing on May 19th, the debut album, When We Arrive, from indie-Americana Seattle band Brite Lines is a medley of musical elements with the group dabbling in acapella, delicate, simplified instrumentation, sweeping drum beats, vocal crescendos and poignant lyrics.

A music lover’s dream, When We Arrive is less a cohesive unit and more a melange of the band’s musical versatility: an observation in favor of the group’s eclectic genius. Brite Lines allow listeners to dabble in their talent while the band experiments successfully with different genres and elements to bring together a remarkably inimitable record. Though fans will already be cognizant of the band’s immense talent as songwriters and musicians, new listeners are in for a treat upon listening to When We Arrive, which is an impressive representation of love songs, anthems, ballads, and sing-alongs. The record makes clear that Brite Lines is a band that values compassion, celebration, and creativity.

Listen to Brite Lines’ album below, exclusively via Elmore, and be sure to pre-order a copy here:

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