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Sony Cleans out SoundCloud

Sorry SoundCloud, the party’s over. This week, Sony began to remove the work of many of its most popular musicians from SoundCloud because, in a nutshell, they want more money.

Last August, the free music streaming platform began to include advertisements alongside their music as a way to monetarily incentivize labels to partner with their site. Though SoundCloud is also in the process of creating a tiered system for listeners in which, like Spotify, they will be able to pay for an ad-free experience, Sony has apparently ended any business negotiations with the site due to the lack of moneymaking potential.

The list of artists pulled so far includes but is not limited to Hozier, Adele and Kelly Clarkson. In an sadly ironic twist, one of the artists removed, Leon Bridges, though now signed to Columbia, rose to acclaim largely through his presence on SoundCloud.

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