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Exclusive: Watch Pete Francis Get Creative With His “Nosedive” Music Video


During the late 90s, roots-rock band Dispatch ruled their genre with their relaxing reggae tunes and laidback vocals. Now, nearly two decades after the band’s inception, one-third of the group, Pete Francis, has proven himself able of being a solo musician as well.

In his music video for “Nosedive”, a sleek ska-reggae-rap hybrid, Francis produces what appears to be musical miscellany: all while shooting hoops, exploring graffiti, and interpretative dancing with his back-up band, Francis raps a steady stream of rhyming verses and the catchy hook “Well you’re lucky to know me… Nosedive!”. An explosion of color and excitement, the song’s music video successfully represents the track itself. A celebration of spontaneity, “Nosedive” captures the creativity of the rap genre, both the excitement and repose of reggae, and the improvisation of ska music. Though the song’s meaning is unclear even to its lyricist, Francis says that he hopes “this song feels like a party, a fun hang with your friends where you can get a little rowdy and dance”.

Check out Pete Francis’ music video for “Nosedive” here: 

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