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Exclusive: Check Out The Soaring Voice Of Katie Buchanan

Katie Buchanan, Katie Buchanan Gold, Katie Buchanan Gold, blues/rock


Kansas-bred, New York-based Katie Buchanan has just unveiled the cool, moody lyric video for “Gold,” off her new LP, Glow. One of the album’s many potential singles, “Gold” opens like a lost peak-Tears for Fears track: a pulsing electronic beat, airy and huge piano hits, and a whole lot of restrained emotion. It builds and builds until reaching a huge, stadium-worthy chorus that Coldplay would kill for.

Buchanan not only played all the instruments on Glow herself, she also produced it. The result is a rough and bluesy while surprisingly poppy album You can buy it here and check out “Gold” below while looking out for Buchanan’s live dates. Catch her now before she gets huge.


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