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Exclusive: Free Download Of Heather Bond’s Stunningly Honest Reflection “So Long”

Photo by Shelly Fraley3Nashville-based singer-songwriter Heather Bond is a musical vision. With a crisp falsetto, gentle instrumentals, and relatable lyrics, Bond is politely earning her way to the top and doing so much faster and more successfully than others clawing their way there. With every track she puts out, it is clear that this musician is more than just a gorgeous voice.

In anticipation of Bond’s upcoming full-length record, So Long, releasing this September, fans can now grab a free download of its title track. “So Long” is like a heartache; devastating but enlightening. With Bond’s gorgeous, candied vocals and sweeping instrumentals, she sings lyrics like “Would you leave her for me?/I’ve been crying for too long/I’ve been lying to myself for so long” and “All I know is the love that I had/If I called you today, could I get it back?”. Silky vocals ease into honest confessions of heartbreak and closure while soft rhythms act as a support system. As listeners, we have Heather Bond’s heart in the palm of our hands. She trusts us not to break it. And yet, the passion in Bond’s delivery and the honesty of her lyrics are more than enough to break our hearts a thousand times but somehow her raw talent is enough to put them back together again in 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

You can download Heather Bond’s “So Long” for free below via Soundcloud:

Be sure to also watch the gorgeous music video for “So Long” below:

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