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Exclusive: Free Download Of Three Thousand Rivers’ Lively Anthem “Between Two Stones”


Self-proclaimed “folk-funk-rock” Brooklyn-based quintet Three Thousand Rivers is making a whole lot of noise–but at least it sounds incredible. Their unique and creative genre-bending has resulted in some beautiful music, as they combine punchy Americana with rich rock sounds.

On their upcoming EP, Body Aha, “Between Two Stones” is a stadium song. With funky percussion, folky violin, punky rhythms, and grungey vocals, the track is a melting pot of genres that weave together, spicing up different elements of each genre that all come together to create the eclectic, rounded sounds that have already become so signature of Three Thousand Rivers. “Between Two Stones” has equal parts comprehensive pop-rock notions and glittering, gorgeous instrumentations. This isn’t a lullaby and it isn’t a ballad; it is a powerful, catchy, one-of-a-kind anthem conceived by 5 of Brooklyn’s most talented young musicians today.

Grab your free download of Three Thousand Rivers’ “Between Two Stones” via Elmore below and catch the band at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC on June 20th here:

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