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Exclusive: Hear The Haunting Piano And Vocals Of Ashleigh Stone’s “Blood”

ashleigh stone


An artist can create a veritable symphony using just piano and vocals. The piano and vocals just have to be really, really good. This is precisely what Texas’ Ashleigh Stone accomplishes on her debut album, Elements, due out June 12 (pre-order here). Working with producer Justin Furstenfeld (the frontman of Blue October), the album captures Stone’s beautifully pared-down sound on record.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on “Blood,” with Stone’s haunting vocals and stately piano in perfect harmony. With the mix and tempo giving both elements plenty of room to breathe, the track makes the most of its empty space, each pause pregnant with the echoes, literal and figurative, of her ghostly vocals. Where others would allow cacophonous drums, insistent strings or pure volume to stand in for emotional resonance, Stone lets just her voice and piano, at once ethereal and intimate, do the talking.

Listen to “Blood” below and catch Stone on tour here.


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