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Exclusive: Listen To Ari & Mia’s Striking New Track “All The Wandering”


The last time Elmore wrote about Ari & Mia was to premiere their track “On Your Own” off their upcoming record Out Of Stone. Now, the Boston sister folk-duo are releasing another track off the album called “All The Wandering.” With their signature subtle instrumentation and soft harmonies, Ari & Mia are developing a gorgeous album, track-by-track, set to release in July.

“All The Wandering” is more of a technically challenging song than the girls’ other tracks, in that it is less cohesive, but not in a bad way. There are perfect, quiet dips where the music falls out and their voices swoop in, or instances in which their falsettos lead the way to twinkling cello or violin rhythms. Ari & Mia’s matured voices sing imaginative lyrics like “You were seen watching the daylight spill out of a green mountain sky/The sunlight and stories seeped into your skin without asking why,” weaving a story right in front of our eyes through our ears. The gentle cadences, sparkles, and silences of “All The Wandering” unite into a stirring, poignant track.

Listen to Ari & Mia’s “All The Wandering” off their upcoming album Out Of Stone below:

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