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Exclusive: Listen To Craig Martinson’s Upbeat & Unique Psych-Pop On His New EP


Boston-born, Brooklyn-based indie artist Craig Martinson is diving headfirst into the wonderful world of musical versatility on his sophomore EP, My Love Is True: with lovable, storytelling akin to Fountains Of Wayne and psychedelic-pop rhythms like something off of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Martinson creates a multi-genre medley of indie-rock presentations, psych beats, and pop elements.

On lead track “Monster Man”, echoing vocals, spinning rhythm, and sparkling percussion act as an old-fashioned ballad, musical theatre number, and indie anthem all in one, which is perhaps Martinson’s biggest asset as a musician. My Love Is True is all about big sounds and big creativity. The experimentation of his work pays off as Martinson weaves intricately special and slightly off-beat (in the most wonderful, successful way) music that transports listeners to the middle of the 60s where Martinson’s most significant influences clearly reside.

Listen to Craig Martinson’s latest EP, My Love Is True, below:

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