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Exclusive: Listen To Moon Hooch’s In-Your-Face Anti-Fracking Plea On “Russell Crowe”

On June 23rd, the Brooklyn Bowl will celebrate a release party of Buy This Fracking Album, a compilation album featuring various artists raising awareness of the dangers of hydrofracking, a serious environmental concern in which natural gasses are extracted from beneath the earth, contaminating water in doing so, thus leading to many harmful effects. The concept album penned by Movement Music Records features what they call “artivists”, AKA art activists, like Bonnie Raitt, Pete Seeger, and the Indigo Girls singing tracks that will hopefully get listeners thinking about supporting the anti-fracking movement. Among the many artists and activists on the record showing their awareness is beloved Brooklyn band Moon Hooch with their track “Russell Crowe”.

Moon Hooch, an experimental and heavily instrumental group, originally got their start busking in NYC subway stations and have since toured with bands They Might Be Giants and Lotus. The band is most known for their wild riffs, in-your-face instrumentation, specifically percussion-based and buried with saxophone, and dizzying vocal launches.

“Russell Crowe” is a pounding demand begging listeners to recognize that “it’s an illusion of the bullshit that we keep pursuing” and to “open up your eyes and feel the lies they keep feeding”, both lyrics working as ambiguous references to what could be any social or environmental issue, but in this case, fracking. The track is thick with galactic instrumentals mixed with electronic sound effects and skittish saxophone.

Listen to the track below and pre-order the compilation record Buy This Fracking Album here:

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