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Exclusive: Listen To Post-Folk Artist Jesse Payne’s Timeless New Single “Origins”


Alabama native Jesse Payne has been working tirelessly for three years on his newest full-length record, Heirloom, slated for release on August 14, which must mean it’s going to be a good one. Luckily, his latest single off the album, “Origins,” suggests nothing less than the best.

With laid back drumbeats and deep basslines allowing Payne’s wispy, woozy vocals to take precedence, “Origins” is a timeless post-folk track. Payne’s voice emits lyrics like “You got me by the necktie/But I got you by the spine/Reach for the rafter/’Cause I’m cutting down the tree” as subtle percussion lays beneath the pounding instrumentals and slick vocals in a way that ties the track into a cohesive unit.

Listen to Jesse Payne’s “Origins” below and be sure to grab Heirloom when it comes out this August:

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