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Exclusive: Listen To Some Of Today’s Best Folk/Americana From Bellehouse

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Whatever your take on folk and Americana, it seems that, in recent years, a certain strain of the latter has enlivened a certain strain of the former. Where some subgenres of folk could suffer from overly somber self-seriousness, many subgenres of Americana come equipped with a jaunty sense of fun. When the two mix, a crucial balance is achieved.

Working at this crossroads of folk and Americana (plus a few other genres) as well as almost anyone today are Brooklyn’s Bellehouse, blending strings at once mournful and invigorated with acoustic guitar at once propulsive and graceful. Nowhere is this more apparent than on “Breakaway Town,” set to appear on their forthcoming, self-titled EP. In the brand new video below, performing against a simple black backdrop, Bellehouse performs their fittingly spare arrangement, giving their elegant harmonies room to delicately dominate the performance.

Look for “Breakaway Town” on the Bellehouse EP on July 16 (pre-order here), when the band will also be playing their EP release show at Brooklyn’s Littlefield.


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