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Exclusive: Listen To The Dynamic New Rocker From New York’s The Bone Chimes

The Bone Chimes, The Bone Chimes Hold On

It’s not so easy to pin down “Hold On,” the latest track from New York indie rockers the Bone Chimes. And that’s precisely what makes it so effective. A tour de force of shifting tempos, dynamics, structures and attitudes, the song keeps you thrillingly on your toes for the entirety of its four minutes and four seconds. What starts with some low end hum and rumble lurching underneath lead singer Tobi D’Amore’s sweet tenor and lilting falsetto ends with a breakneck rave-up featuring buzzsaw guitar roaring alongside D’Amore’s stirring wail. In between, D’Amore showcases his startling growl as the band skillfully weaves in anthemic backing vocals, slinky keyboard hooks, bouncy bass and a whole lot more.

“Hold On” is set to appear on the Bone Chimes new, self-titled EP, due out July 7. This follow-up to their 2013 debut will no doubt see this rising band filling out their already dynamic sound. Watch them marshal this striking sound in front of a live crowd at the Gramercy Theater on June 20. But first, check out “Hold On” below.


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