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Michael Jackson’s Furniture From LA Mansion Now For Sale


Nearly six years after the King Of Pop’s tragic 2009 death, two pieces of Michael Jackson’s furniture from the Los Angeles rented mansion he died in are now for sale on eBay.

Currently listed at just over $3,000 is a parquetry-patterned side-table with three pull-out drawers while the more infamous, and more expensive, of the two pieces is the bedroom chair stained by makeup, which was featured on Raiders Of Rock, a television show that follows two hosts in search of music icons’ most-coveted items, and in crime scene photos from the trial involving Jackson’s doctor for involuntary manslaughter. A constant fixture in his home, Jackson is said to have sat in the chair every day.

Both pieces of furniture in Michael Jackson’s final home will be available to buy on eBay for a limited time at the following links: Make-Up Stained Bedroom Chair and Parquetry Side Table.

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