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Exclusive: Watch Level And The Square’s Unique Take On Love With “Like Stones”

_MG_7533Singer-songwriter Nik Piscitello has had many musical ventures, ranging from post-hardcore jam bands to indie-rock solo acts, all of which have rounded out his talent, and made him a versatile artist. His latest venture is as the one-man alt-folk project Level And The Square.

Combining his abilities as a singer-songwriter with those of his musicianship, Piscitello continuously releases gentle and genuine music that soothes our ears and our hearts. On “Like Stones”, off his debut EP From Here To The James, Piscitello’s smooth vocals sing melancholy lyrics like “I can hear your words in my soul/’Cause I’m falling harder than stones from heaven right back here/So come pick me up” accompanied by subtle, uncomplicated instrumentations.

The music video Level And The Square released for “Like Stones” tells the story of the human errors of love. In other words, the track “is a metaphor for how we can never really be perfect in a relationship no matter how much we try. We can only be ourselves and learn from our past mistakes,” Nik says. The video is a montage of clips from old-fashioned dating etiquette footage, which profiles a couple learning to navigate the tumultuous ground of being in a relationship, all set to the somber truth of “Like Stones”. The end of the video cuts away from the footage to flash a seemingly continuously winding road, which Nik says “…is the moment when you just take off in your relationship and [see] the many roads you will travel along the way.” Not only is the idea for the music video a creative and fascinating way of telling a story, Nik Piscitello does so beautifully and with such an obvious passion.

Watch Level And The Square’s poignant music video for “Like Stones” below:

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