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Exclusive: Watch Sarah Blacker’s Sweet, Powerful Voice Take Center Stage


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Befitting the expressive, powerful character of her voice, the acoustic video for Sarah Blacker‘s “In Waves” is uniquely intimate and stark. Sitting on the floor of an unadorned room, Blacker, armed only with her acoustic, belts out the bracing mids and lilting highs of the title track off her most recent album (released May 17). The sparsely-appointed room’s wood floor and walls provide Blacker’s naturally resonant voice with plenty of space. Her only companions are a dog sleeping next to her on the floor and her own shadow. Fittingly, the dulcet performance never once causes the dog to stir.

Blacker has no need to clutter the video or the arrangement with anything extraneous, particularly when working in such moving emotional territory. “This is a song about realizing you love someone in a more powerful way than how you initially thought,” Blacker said. “It’s about letting things progress naturally as they are meant to in life and in love.” Throughout In Waves, Blacker’s emotive songwriting shines through. A board-certified music therapist who uses music to help adults struggling with depression, addiction and more, Blacker is no stranger to touching the hearts of those around her.

Pick up the album here, catch Blacker on tour throughout the summer and watch the acoustic video for “In Waves” below.


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