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Mates of State

You're Going To Make It

Artist:     Mates of State

Album:     You're Going To Make It

Label:     Barsuk Records

Release Date:     06/16/2015


Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner of Mates of State are the definition of a power couple. The two are husband and wife, parents and bandmates who create beautifully happy music that radiates positivity and makes you root for them time and time again. On their new five-track EP You’re Going To Make It, they eschew the standard full-length format and get right down to brass tacks: five radio-ready pop tunes that are polished, tight, catchy and perfect for summer sun.

The first cut, “Staring Contest,” blends hints of playground imagery with the pangs of young love that are sure to make any living human nostalgic for adolescence. It’s bristling with emotion, an anthemic pop tune with a strong hook that’s bolstered by the duo’s harmonizing prowess. It’ll make you wish the album was an LP instead.

From there, the Mates keep the vibes steady; there’s really not a bad track in the bunch. “I Want to Run” picks up the pace for the disc despite its short running time, while “Gonna Get It” once again shines a light on the duo’s vocal melodies, and will surely prompt killer singalongs at their upcoming shows.

One of the best aspects of Mates of State is their songwriting; they’re stronger, catchier and cleaner with every release. If ever you find yourself in need of an uplifting little collection of songs, just remember: You’re Going To Make It.

They did.

Nick Caruso

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