The Mavericks

Keswick Theater / Glenside, PA

6LL4oW5vpywZQKsnCxgSdaWjWbSRipWm7x1JzHKnT1IThe lights on stage came up, but only a little. The recorded music switched to a TexMex instrumental, and under dim light the band walked on stage except for keyboardist Jerry Dale McFadden who danced on and continued to dance all night as he played. Ya gotta love this guy.

Ladies and gentlemen…..The Mavericks. Lights came up and the band started to rock.

And rock they can do. Within minutes of the first song, “All Night Long,” the aisles were filled with people dancing. Band leader Raul Malo has said that he writes songs hoping they will convey a vibe, a mood for the night. He hit that mark all night.

Stage right belongs to guitarist extraordinaire Eddie Perez, dressed in his white tuxedo jacket and ready to wail on electric guitar while spinning his long jet black hair. Stage left is not quite big enough for Jerry Dale McFadden, without a doubt the most energetic keyboard player I have ever seen. He dances all night and he can really play. Upstage, drummer Paul Deakin drives the rhythm that pushes everyone to their feet. Left of the drum kit is the horn section, the bass and accordion. And right there in the middle is Raul Malo, whose silky baritone makes the girls just a little bit…well you know what I mean.

After “All Night Long,” the rocking continued with a little slower 1950s jitterbug beat on “Summertime,” rocking right into “What You Do To Me.” This is dance music with a Latin influence, plain and simple.

This concert was rescheduled after the original date was snowed out but they are still touring to support their new album MONO. Be sure to catch them if you can.

—Mark J. Smith

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