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Exclusive: Andy Lampert Revives 1960s Glamrock With His New Track

Andy LampertFailure is certainly not for the faint of the heart, and after decades of struggling to make it big with local bands, many lesser musicians would hang up their guitar and throw in the towel.

Not so for Andy Lampert, the Rhode Island based singer/songwriter, who’s back and better than ever, with a new lease on life as a solo artist reinventing the glam-leaning, over the top rock of the 1960s and 1970s for a whole new audience.

In advance of his upcoming full-length solo debut, 10 Songs of Pain, Lampert is premiering the cheekily named track “Annoying Qualities.” And if it’s any indication of what the album will be, 10 Songs just may be the big break he’s been hoping for. The track is a fuzzy, distortion heavy throwback to a bygone era, with lyrics to shout along to and a raucous rock ‘n’ roll swagger… cowbell solo included.

Rock out to “Annoying Qualities” below, and keep on the lookout for 10 Songs of Pain, out August 7th.

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  1. Andy is the real deal!
    Listen to years of treading the hard, brutal, boardwalk of “Shiny-Glittery, PopGlam-Rock” with Andy.
    I can’t wait for the release of “10 Songs of Pain”!!!