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Exclusive: Free Download Of New Soulful Singalong From Scot Sax & Suzie Brown

Photo by Stacie Huckeba
Photo by Stacie Huckeba
Scot Sax & Suzie Brown aren’t like most other blues-Americana Nashville-based duos: In addition to banging out twangy folk tracks dripping with blues beats, Brown is a cardiologist and Sax is a songwriter to the stars, both occupations that prove the duo know how to hone their passion, focus, and brilliance across many fields.

In anticipation of their upcoming record, Our Album Doesn’t Like You Either, releasing this September, the singer-songwriter superstars are giving away a free download of their track “Everybody’s Following Their Dreams” off the album. The punchy, in-your-face arrangement begins with a simple but profound lyrical masterpiece as Scot’s steady voice sings “Everybody’s chasing their dreams/I’m running from my nightmares”. The space between verses is a breath of cool, collected rhythm, the percussion and resounding bass playing off of each other tenderly. Scot’s range dips and soars to match the instrumentation, providing a rhythm-heavy, impressively written track, that he says “…is, I guess, a reflection of me going against the grain. Or at least aspiring to,” and clearly doing so successfully. With an effortless arrangement, polished vocals, and earnest lyrics, “Everybody’s Following Their Dreams” is destined to become a nostalgic, timeless anthem.

Grab your free download of Scot Sax & Suzie Brown’s “Everybody’s Following Their Dreams” below using the widget underneath the Soundcloud link and connect with the duo on Soundcloud:

Download here!

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