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Exclusive: Hear Bumper Jacksons Take On A Classic

Bumper Jacksons


If you’ve yet to tune in to the snazzy jazz/country tunes of Bumper Jacksons, you owe it to your earbuds to lose yourself in their unique sounds, featuring Jess Eliot Myhre (clarinet/vocals/washboard), Chris Ousley (guitar/vocals), Alex Lacquement (bass/harmony vocals), Dan Cohan (suitcase percussion/snare), Dave Hadley (pedal steel) and Brian Priebe (trombone/harmony vocals).

Their latest album, Too Big World, was released on July 23. One of its highlights, “Trouble in Mind,” a widely-covered, beautiful piece. As Ousley says, “Trouble in Mind is a great tune that gets passed around jam circles in all sorts of traditions – country, cajun, old time, blues, jazz, you name it.” Over the years, the song has seen vocal legends like Nina Simone, Roscoe Holcomb and Sister Rosetta Tharpe adding their pizzazz to it. In fact, Tharpe inspired Myhre to dive head-first into the track and its safe to say that she does it justice! The song’s roller coaster of emotions may draw tears from your eyes one moment, then have your head right back up as it turns away from the mellow and downtrodden and toward a more lively mood.

Find more info here and listen to “Trouble in Mind” below:


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