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Exclusive: Let The Sounds Of The National Parks Take You Away

The National Parks
Photo by Justin Hackworth


Within a month, the Utah-based collective The National Parks will be releasing their second studio album, Until I Live. “Monsters of The North” and “BA BA RA” are just  a few of the tracks already released off the album, and today, Elmore is excited to premiere another: “Take You Away”—it’ll surely ‘feel your heart’ (don’t worry, you’ll get the pun after streaming the track below).

TNP’s first project, Young, performed very well, hitting the number 13 spot on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts while their song, “As We Ran,” hit 500,000 streams on Spotify.

Their efforts to top this success this will surely be intriguing to watch. Three days after the new album’s August 4th release, the band will be performing at Rockwood Music Hall. Click here for more info on the show.

For now, tune into “Take You Away.”

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