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Exclusive: Listen: Animal Reporters Energetic Debut Mixes Rock, Blues & Funk

Animal Reporters, Lights Camera AnimalsA month ago, Elmore featured a fun, summery jam from our friends Animal Reporters, a self-proclaimed, “pack of five young men pumping out funky, blues-soaked rock n’ roll.” Now, just in time for the long Fourth of July weekend, the band, hailing from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, is premiering their EP, Lights, Camera, Animals… exclusively on Elmore!

The band’s debut is undoubtedly a fun-time album, and like their first single, “Little Mama,” the other three tracks on the EP are equal parts silly and sexy, with seriously danceable, rollicking hooks.

From the lead vocals of Dave Gelb to the jangling keys and slamming percussion, the tunes have a gritty, raw energy that sounds spontaneous and freewheeling, adding to the rocking thrust of the band’s dynamic. “Castaway Joe’s” and “Shacktown” both take off like a shot, showcasing some wild keyboard and guitar solos that lean towards the rock & roll of influences like the Black Keys or the Hold Steady. Meanwhile, “Snowfall,” the blues-laced final track, proves that the dudes can slow things down and still keep them funky.

When you reach the end of this short trip, you’ll be begging for more Animal Reporters to keep the party going. Go ahead, hit repeat.

Listen to Lights, Camera, Animals below, and check out the boys live when they head to New York City’s Mercury Lounge on August 28th.

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