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Exclusive: Listen As Rocksteady Meets Rock Opera in Chris London’s New Track

chris london
Chris London by Yofred Moik

You may hear New York City singer/songwriter Chris London introduced as a “pop/soul artist.” If that classification leaves you scratching your head, after just one listen to his latest scorcher of a track, “Merge,”  you’ll realize that it’s the most appropriately catch-all term for an artist who plays with genre like a mad, musical scientist, creating a unique style that’s all his own.

“Merge” is a prime example of London’s fierce vocal talents as well as his genre bending abilities. The complex jam, chock full of amusing transportation double entendres, careens and crashes (see what I did there?) unexpectedly between the lilting amble of rock steady and the full force of Billy Joel-style rock opera. The chorus roars into hyperdrive from the cruising verses, as London tackles wailing high notes with the ease of Freddie Mercury.

If this track has you craving more Chris London, which it surely will, make sure to catch him at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1, next Wednesday, July 22nd. For more information on the show, check out Rockwood’s website here and give “Merge” a listen below!

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