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Exclusive: Listen To Singer-Songwriter Erin Rae’s Vintage Folk Track “Monticello”

Photo by Christina Lafferty
Photo by Christina Lafferty

Folk singer-songwriter Erin Rae grew up around music, having been raised in Jackson, Tennessee, daughter to two American roots musicians. Following in her parents’ footsteps, Erin Rae has been pursuing music for five years, working hard to bring listeners her first full-length record, Soon Enough, releasing this September.

“Monticello”, a track off the upcoming record, has a nostalgic, old-fashioned tone that is perfectly suited to Erin Rae’s soft, matured voice dancing with light instrumental sweeps. Though the track itself has a sorrow feel to it, thanks to the deliciously woozy and sparse arrangements, there is something so hopeful about Erin’s gentle vocal strides and tender treatment of her music. Regarding “Monticello”‘s slow, melancholy beats, Erin Rae explains that it was written when she was “really feeling this longing for the sense of family as [she] remembers it as a kid,” continuing that “I know now that all of that has to change, otherwise we don’t grow and learn to be who we came here to be, but there was a long period of time where I just did not want to grow up!” The sweet nostalgia Erin longs for is apparent in “Monticello”, but is accompanied by such intimate silences and lyrical promises of better times to come.

Listen to Erin Rae’s “Monticello” below and pre-order Soon Enough in preparation for its September release:

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