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Exclusive: Watch Meghann Wright’s 4th Of July Tribute Rendition Of “American Girl”

umbrellaFor Brooklyn blues-rocker Meghann Wright’s latest cover track for her Covering America video series, she has tackled a double tribute. Reporting from gorgeous blue skies down in Florida, she celebrated both Tom Petty and a belated Independence Day with her rendition of Petty’s famous “American Girl”.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and oversized sunglasses, the stylish performer let her grainy voice lift with growls and fall with sweet, steady notes. Wright’s harmonies differ depending on her tone; singing that beginning line, “Well, she was an American girl/Raised on promises”, Wright’s voice is a soft, straight stream but when she croons the chorus, her voice is a vessel, passionately painting the words she is singing in the air above her. Wright’s rendition of “American Girl” is the perfect blend of her signature rock ‘n roll delivery but is treated with the respectful nature of a young artist thanking her mentors personally for their inspiration: influence that she has turned into talent.

Watch Meghann Wright’s version of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” as part of her Covering America series below and catch her at Warped Tour this summer and connect with Meghann on Facebook:

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