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Exclusive: Watch The High-Energy Music Video From for King & Country

for KING & COUNTRY - Main Press Image 1Nashville-based Australian Christian pop-duo for King & Country (consisting of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone) have skyrocketed to becoming one of the well-known and well-loved Christian bands of our time since they released their official self-titled band EP in 2011. Since then, the guys have released two chart-topping studio albums and earned two Grammy Awards this year.

for King & Country have just released a music video for their track “No Turning Back” off their latest record, Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. The video features the duo performing the track during a live recording session at Grand Victor Sound in Nashville for The Live Room series. Accompanied by a slew of equally talented instrumentalists, the guys hammer out a powerful, graceful rendition of “No Turning Back”. The video opens up with a view of all the members surrounded by microphones and instruments in a hazy blue light, the music beginning with a rising, sparkling keyboard beat, followed by Joel’s haunting but smooth voice crooning “I used to be a beggar/Down on calloused knees.” The music video continually shows the harmonies that are so plentiful in for King & Country’s music, focusing on wide-screen views of upwards of six members contributing to the melody while pounding on guitars and keyboards galore. Halfway through the music video, we see Luke transform his brother’s vocals on a synth pad, a special treat to see how that normally secret auto-tune metamorphosis comes to life.

for King & Country’s music video for “No Turning Back” is exciting and passionate, full of echoing harmonies, high energy, and unexpected instrumentation. The video’s aesthetic of foggy blues and grays and bright lights cast a gorgeous glow over the performance, elevating it from simply being a great, powerful song to being a revelation.

Watch for King & Country’s “No Turning Back” music video below and connect with the band on their website:

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