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Planet Of The Abts

Planet Of The Abts

Artist:     Planet Of The Abts

Album:     All Things The Valley

Label:     Planet Of The Abts

Release Date:     06/02/2015


I am astonished at how good this album is. Hardly ever does a rhythm section of a thriving band step out and make such commanding music. Planet of the Abts has crafted a solid slate of bracing: resourceful, spacey, dirty and damn well-arranged and produced rock music – like the old days. All Things The Valley can easily be all things to many; the appeal is as huge as the talent on display. Drummer Matt Abts and bassist Jorgen Carlsson of Gov’t Mule, with Carlsson’s fellow Swede, the singer and guitarist T-Bone Andersson, reference obvious influences nonstop, but ultimately succeed wildly in their own right. Vintage Deep Purple and Black Sabbath charge right to the fore in “Down for the Count,” and then Yes comes into play to great effect. The marauding “Revolution” references the Faces, the Moody Blues, and Pink Floyd—at least to these ears. That’s a big part of the attraction—the personal evaluation. For the elaborate “Friend Looked Rather Sad,” it’s definitely all Pink and Beatles, with Warren Haynes guesting on slippery, stinging guitar. The odd “I Call You Whiskers” makes for the most stomping, Gov’t Mule-like presentation. Band interplay amazes. Carlsson and Abts rank among the most stunning to hear, and certainly to watch. Andersson acquits himself fantastically in a space so challenging. All Things The Valley feels comfortable, but surprises at every turn. Highly recommended for all, but a must-hear for fans of the Allman Brothers “family.”

-Tom Clarke

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