Reuben Hollebon

Rockwood Music Hall / New York, NY

5DO2lUGkAzjEa7Nyr_qz36xsW0XadnPRr5LnxcvlFpAReuben Hollebon is a native of Norfolk, England and he is gearing up to make a splash on US soil after having performed in Texas at South by South West (SXSW) this past March. Hollebon has a unique sound, but his performance left something to be desired. The most interesting part was the lovely acoustic sound that laid the foundation for the singer’s vocals. While the beginning of the songs captured my attention, I found that the songs’ depth were lost amid Hollebon’s over-exertion.

Unsurprisingly, the best tune in the set was also one of Hollebon’s oldest. The sound was removed of any expectations of success and fame, and was beautiful in its simplicity. It is hard to leave the audience with a good impression, and facing Yanks is no easy feat, so I commend Hollebon for his efforts, and choose to believe that with time, he will develop his sound.

— Avital Glibicky

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