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Exclusive: Even Unplugged, Toadies Serves Up Swampy Delights

Toadies by Matt Cooper
Toadies by Matt Cooper

The Toadies, as their bio boasts, “are masters of eerie, downright evil, tunes—that rock.” From dismembering to kidnapping, the four piece Texan band has built a 25 year legacy on dark, disturbing themes… that keep their fans coming back for more and flocking to the annual Dia De Los Toadies.

Since 2008, the band has “unplugged,” revisiting works in their extensive oeuvre and creating new songs and covers with a renewed sense of acoustic experimentation. This continues with their latest effort, Heretics, due to be released on September 18th.

But if you think going acoustic means going soft, you’ll have to think again– their commitment to creating works that surface from below remains strong. “I Come From The Water,” an all-engines firing rock hit from their debut album, Rubberneck, becomes swampier, jazzier and frankly a little creepier jam as reworked for their upcoming album.
The track is a slick, measured tune that experiments with a variety of layered instrumentation– there’s even a breakdown with a oom-pa-pa groove– that pulses it forward and showcases Vaden Todd Lewis’ vocals, which have deepened and matured over the years.
Give a listen to “I Come From The Water” below, and if you’re hooked, head to the 8th Annual Dia De Los Toadies Fest, held this year in Fort Worth, Texas on September 11th & 12th.

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