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Exclusive: Free Download Of One-Of-A-Kind Folk By Echo Bloom

Echo BloomEcho Bloom‘s frontman, the electrifying Kyle Evans, didn’t start playing music until college. “When I was in school I got heavily into electroacoustic music, really experimental, academic stuff,” he said, “which got me excited about recording.” Evans has delved into many more genres since then, and now, folk, country-rock and classic pop are just a few of the genres that make up Echo Bloom’s versatile sound.

Soon, Evans conjured up so many ideas that he was ecstatic about executing, but felt the need to gather a crucial piece of the puzzle: a live band. Not long after, he created the Rosemont Family Reunion, who, after some touring, reformed as Echo Bloom.

The group’s new single, “Willingham,” is exquisite, delivering a slow and subtle flow that builds with guitars and sturdy drums. Evans soft-toned voice fits the track very well, making for a smooth listen.

Listen to “Willingham” and grab a free download below:







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