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Greg Adams Will Win Your Heart With His Sweet New Love Song

Greg AdamsMany musicians today claim that they’ve been singing since they were two, playing instruments by the age of five, cutting record deals before they could drive. Though Greg Adams has been a music fan his whole life, he didn’t pick up a guitar until he was a freshman in college. But rather than think of it as a handicap, the New York based singer/songwriter wears the fact as a badge of honor. No longer content to simply enjoy the music of others, Adams set out to teach himself guitar and make some music of his own. And he’s quickly making up for lost time.

“Before You Leave” is a single off of Adams’ upcoming EP, All or Nothing. It’s a tender love song, made all the more sweet by Adams’ youthful, gentle voice, which is capable of conveying a genuine range of feeling. The twang of the guitar also gives the track a county-style edge that sets it apart from a traditional pop-song.

All or Nothing, which is due out in September, was recorded in Savannah, GA at Low Watt Studios with producers Sean and Dominic Kelly of the band A Fragile Tomorrow.

Give “Before You Leave” a listen below, and look out for All or Nothing early fall.

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