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Exclusive: Let Love & The Zealous Wow You With Their Silky Psych Track

Love & The Zealous by Jake VanDonge
Love & The Zealous by Jake VanDonge

From what I’ve gathered, Love & The Zealous must take some delight in defying expectations. Made up of core members Richard Love (vocals), Marcus Leemann (guitar) and Corbin Bailey (drums), the group of young guys from Olney, Texas are an unassuming, laid-back looking crew, at first glance more likely to be great party guests than great rockers. This false assumption on my part made it all the more delightful when Love hit the mic with his gentle, silky voice and the band joined him to create a truly unique synthesis of emotional blues melody and rock that verges on psychedelic.

Today, Elmore is bringing you “Happy When I’m

Gone,” a track recorded live at Jam In The Van’s San Francisco Artist House during this year’s Outside Lands festival. Jam In The Van is a traveling (and colorful) music studio operated on solar power that will cover over 10,000 miles of road this year alone, and has held performances by Gary Clark, Jr., George Clinton and hundreds more.

Check out “Happy When I’m Gone” below. You’ll no doubt be hearing more of Love & The Zealous, so you’d better get on the van now.

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