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Exclusive: Listen To 2/3 Goat’s Simple, Folksy Track “Young Man”

4604For half a decade, 2/3 Goat (pronounced “two-thirds goat”) have been releasing all sorts of genre-weaving music, each touching on elements from folk-country mixed with bluegrass, rock, blues, and Americana, resulting in an equal parts dance-y and relaxing signature sound. The five-piece band, fronted by Annalyse McCoy and Ryan Dunn, are back again with their alt-country tunes on their upcoming full-length record, Let It Rise. In anticipation of the album’s release, 2/3 Goat have decided to release two tracks off the album every two months, acting as an entire year of pre-orders, all leading up to the full, cohesive record reveal.

The second batch of early-release tracks introduces “Young Man”, a simple, classic folk-rock track focused mainly on the sparse, sparkling instrumental arrangements, and aided by Dunn’s gritty vocals against vast violin. After the track’s initial uncomplicated introduction, the song sweeps with soft harmonies and rock crescendos, giving it a fuller sound and memorable rhythms. Though Dunn’s voice can stand alone, accompanied by McCoy’s melody and the almost orchestral sounds, “Young Man” evolves to a rustic, comforting track.

Listen to “Young Man” below and be sure to grab tickets to see 2/3 Goat open for The Cadillac Three at The Shop Brooklyn on August 29th:

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