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Exclusive: Listen To Detroit Singer-Songwriter Julie Belle’s Soft, Honest Track “Burning”

Julie_BW_highres-13When Julie Belle was just four years old, her musical mother taught her to read music, launching a passionate career for the Detroit-born, LA-based singer-songwriter. In 2011, she released her debut EP, a reflection on the perils of her young marriage and subsequent divorce. In the same vein as her first melancholy, but beautiful, earlier release, Julie Belle’s upcoming EP, You Were Younger, is releasing next month.

“Burning”, a track off the new EP, is a stripped-raw, honest account of Julie’s childhood in Detroit. Opening with a low-and-slow rhythm then leading into her steady vocals, “Burning” is a platform to highlight the signature simplicity in her music along with her delicate voice. Realizing that the track was not actually the love song she intended it to be, Julie says “That’s what I love about music–it grows with you. If you’re in love, you can find yourself in it. And if you’re heartbroken, you can find yourself in it, too,” which is the perfect description for listening to her music, because while its monotonous, melodic instrumentals can break your heart, her sweet voice, pained but practiced songwriting, and uncomplicated compositions are at once comforting, hopeful, and lush with effortless talent.

Listen to Julie Belle’s “Burning” below and get ready for her next release by pre-ordering her upcoming EP:


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