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Exclusive: Listen to Marlowe Grey’s Luscious New Track

Marlowe Grey

Brooklyn-based indie-rock band, Marlowe Grey, is back and better than ever with a new project and a new lineup. Consisting of lead vocalist and guitar player Anthony John Pietro, Trent Blackham on bass, Alex Wirkmaa on guitar, Paula Croxson on flute and drummer Angel Lozada, they are premiering their new track, “Enough Of This,” from their upcoming EP, Midnight In Brooklyn.

We had the chance to chat with Marlowe Grey, who told us that the new song is pulled from their personal experiences, but that “it’s not just speaking to one particular relationship, but all relationships that end or take on a new form,” Pietro adds, “I more often think of my father when I listen to it now… and I can’t help but think of my incredibly loving and complicated relationship with him.”

The band infuses their music with lush musical layers, building a complicated texture. Pietro, who writes the original songs, explains the musical process as beginning with “organic rehearsals,” then, with their producer Charles Schaefer, they “begin to color it more with sound, stripping and adding. It’s a meticulous procedure until it’s just right.”

Drawing influences from Kurt Cobain, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, John Lennon, Thom Yorke and Otis Redding– just to name a few– the band expresses, “we know where we come from. We get to stand on the shoulders of giants who have written, recorded and played some amazing stuff before us. I think it’s a shame when other artists forget that and amp up the arrogance.” On the state of music today, Pietro muses, “I really believe that all that’s left to distinguish current music from the past is one’s voice and the emotion or mood of the music.”

Aside from having Pietro constantly at the helm, Marlowe Grey has seen a number of musicians cycle through its ranks. Having reformed the band recently to its current lineup, Pietro explains, “I’m honored to have worked with my friends on that record [2007’s Zoa].” But for him, “this ongoing project with his new bandmates is much more stable, committed and easy-going… the result is a more family-like environment that breeds creativity pretty effortlessly.”

Marlowe Grey will be at DROM in New York City on September 11th. In the meantime, be sure to check out their beautiful track, “Enough Of This” below, and you’ll get what he means.

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