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Exclusive: Listen To Megan Burtt’s Invigorating New Folk Tune

megan burtt


Denver-born singer/songwriter Megan Burtt is taking on life with a revitalized passion in her new track, “In A Minute.” Singing about unpredictability and spontaneity, Burtt welcomes life and love’s opportunities as they come, letting “those flood gates open.”

When she fell ill in 2013 as she traveled to Mississippi to write new music, she was forced to return to Colorado to recover. As she worked convalesced, she documented her experience through her songwriting, creating her new full-length effort, The Bargain, due out later this month.

Burtt comments: “The word ‘bargain’ I find very provocative because as people we are constantly bargaining—making choices, deciding how and when and why we should show up to our lives. Every day, every dollar, every relationship, every journey feels like an exchange of something to someone, usually yourself.”

Her new track, “In A Minute” explores this very sentiment, embracing every experience and bargaining with life’s challenges with caution. In Burtt’s words, “who knows why some people are just undeniable to you? Sometimes someone comes along and breaks you of your walls and permeable will to hide away. ‘In A Minute’ is about trying so hard to keep your guard up…but the heart always wins.”

This track is a catchy folk-pop tune, retaining Burtt’s soulful singing, and drives forward with the help of a strong bass line. Take a listen below:


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