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Relish The End Of The Summer With Lewis Fieldhouse’s Jazzy New Single

Lewis FieldhouseIf you’ve ever doubted the massive expansion and wide-reaching influence of Americana music, look no further than Lewis Fieldhouse. The young, much buzzed about singer/songwriter is making waves as a new Americana artist… from London.

While Fieldhouse proves that Americana has indeed made its way across the pond, he also puts his own spin on the genre, and his new song, “Goodbye,” is distinctly jazzy number, with rhythmic, swaying acoustics. The true star of the track is Fieldhouse’s smooth, confident voice, arresting as it rings out in high, crystal acapella to begin the track.

“Goodbye” is a perfect song for a summer that’s drawing to its close—spirited and energetic, but with little flecks of bittersweet nostalgia around the edges. His lyrics tenderly capture the conflicting feelings that swirl around lost love and endings in general: “Holding back the tears, I knew it was over/Not trying to fool myself, But wanting to be wrong.”

Fieldhouse is still at work on his debut album, but expect to hear good things very soon.

Give “Goodbye” a listen below.

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