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Exclusive: Watch Kim Edwards’ Sweet Music Video For Her Charming New Track “Love”

Kim Edwards by Allison Harp

Since releasing her debut EP back in 2009, Pennsylvania-based indie-pop artist Kim Edwards has consistently put out endearing, catchy tracks that have combined her background in classical music and recent developments as a modern singer-songwriter. On her upcoming EP, Lovers And Loners, set to release next month, Kim takes her best talents – voice, rhythm, and songwriting – to the next level, especially with her appropriately-titled track “Love”.

“Love”, featuring fellow indie-pop singer-songwriter Cameron Ernst, is a candy-coated love song, highlighting Kim’s unique, but not flashy, voice and sweet melodies. The lyrics are simple: “He don’t have to be tall/Or dark or handsome/That ain’t all/There is to romance and/I could fall for a man who’ll take a chance/In love, love, love,” energetic bursts of the coveted commodity that is love. Though the track could easily stand alone thanks to Kim’s vocal skips and dips, “Love” bumps it up a notch with the accompaniment of Ernst’s soulful voice matching Kim verse-for-verse in a playful duet. The piano is the secret star of this track, twinkling in the background with such easy rhythm, but together, Kim, Cameron, their voices, and the instrument, are all so perfectly entwined to create a charming sing-along.

When we thought “Love” couldn’t possibly get any better, Kim Edwards released the music video to the track, a cutesy, fun-to-follow lyric video, playing with font, color, and animation with a vibrant entertainment factor and youthful treatment that embodies the song to a T.

Watch the lyric video for “Love” below or just dance to the audio-only version below the video. Be sure to connect with Kim Edwards on her Facebook page and pre-order her Lovers And Loners EP

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