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Exclusive: Watch The Video For Pocket Panda’s Sweet Folk-Rocker, “Setting Sun”

Photo by Sean Gibbons
Photo by Sean Gibbons


Seattle natives Pocket Panda recently their latest album, This Arrangement of Molecules. Having studied ballet and been trained to become a world class dancer, Eric Herbig, the multi-talented founder of Pocket Panda, has also earned a degree in molecular biology (in accordance with his mother’s wishes). Fittingly, on their new album, Pocket Panda uses molecular bonds and separations as metaphors for those emotions that keep people together and pull them apart.

“Setting Sun,” a folk-rock tune with a soft piano and string accompaniment, tends toward the happier side of that spectrum. The lyrics show a new depth in the band’s music as they sing of an ideal situation with a dream lover where they can “both run away” to a better place.

Check out the brand new video for “Setting Sun” below:


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