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Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen

Love & Life

Artist:     Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen

Album:     Love & Life

Label:     Dolly Sez Woof

Release Date:     07/31/2015


Drozdowski’s Scissormen cut through the bullshit. They shred it really, with a contemporary cosmic blues drenched in reverb and the dark bayou demons that inhabit each day.

Like the Mississippi, a serpentine 4×4 pushes and pulls Love & Life. Like blood, like oil. The tide pulls you each way, and in its wake, Drozdowski drops fat, crack guitar tracks in layers of frenzy and intent. Soaring and muddied, backwards, forwards, distorted and riffing. Metal, steel, nylon, and sound bend in ridiculously curious ways on the dirty boots blues of “Beggin’ Jesus,” “Letter From Hell,” and “Black Lung Fever.” A pitched psychedelic sound, powers “R.L. Burnside (Slight Return)” and a Muscle Shoals fever fuels “Let’s Go to Memphis” with a heart-charging vocal cameo by Mighty Sam McCain, who just passed June 15th.

Love & Life isn’t your typical virtuoso release. It’s the fulcrum wherein Drozdowski pairs his devotion to a music whose roots run deeper than democracy with his historian’s fervor. And I could go on, but why? If you’re reading this then you’re not listening to Love & Life and that’s the whole damn point, ain’t it?

– Mike Jurkovic

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