Eddie Palmieri

The Blue Note / New York, NY

Eddie Palmieri, David Kramer, Paul Shaffer, Jimmy Smith, Cornell Dupree Benefit
From left: Eddie Palmieri, David Kramer, Paul Shaffer and Jimmy Smith

Grammy-winning pianist and bandleader Eddie Palmieri brought his septet to The Blue Note for a series of shows. Palmieri began piano studies at an early age and started his professional career as a pianist in the early 1950s with the Eddie Forrester Orchestra and has been a force for Latin jazz since.

Accompanying Palmieri were Ruben Rodriguez on bass, Louis Fouche on alto sax, Jonathan Powell on drums, Vincente Rivero on congas, Anthony Carrillo on bongos and Camilo Molina on timbales.

During the set, the group played “Noble Cruise,” which was dedicated to Palmieri’s mentor Thelonius Monk as well as a piano solo written for his wife.

Speaking to the audience between songs, Palmieri recalled his musical experiences including his early musical education by percussionist Manny Oquendo.

The interaction between the musicians was evident in all of the pieces, with individual voices rising at appropriate times. The rhythm section in particular provided a basis for Palmieri’s improvisations.

The Blue Note is an intimate venue where the audience can enjoy the music directly. There is little room for dancing but if there was, the audience would have been on their feet for the entire show.

—Stanley Abraham

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