Fly Golden Eagle

Brooklyn Bowl / Brooklyn, NY

Fly Golden Eagle
Photo By Semi Song


There wasn’t merely the usual dozen or so people in the crowd at Brooklyn Bowl as the opening band took the stage. That’s because that opening band was Fly Golden Eagle.

Sharing a bill with Langhorne Slim, these genre-defying Nashville artisans of a special psych-rock blend moved the crowd to such a peak in such a short amount of time, one thing was apparent: Fly Golden Eagle don’t mess around. The band knows just what they want to project, and as a result, the crowd gets what they came for: a damn good time. People who come to Fly Golden Eagle shows do so because they want to be inspired, and they want to be with like-minded people. That’s why Brad Shultz, who was in town recording Cage the Elephant’s forthcoming album at Electric Lady Studios, popped in.

It’s known that each member of Fly Golden Eagle has his own unique talents, contributing to projects with other popular groups, and when the band released Quartz, press releases mentioned such collaborations to sway or intrigue listeners. But having to speak of those collaborations now is moot. The band has developed quite a following, big enough to carry them over to the other side of the Atlantic (their UK tour begins in September).

Having recently played mega stages like those found at Forecastle, Fly Golden Eagle have become one with their songs, knowing every nuance so well that it takes listeners to another place. From the bluesy muscle of “Stepping Stone” to the ’70s organ-driven whirlwind of “Horse’s Mouth,” Fly Golden Eagle had the Brooklyn crowd begging for more.

There’s opening bands and then there’s bands that open the night. See for yourself as the band finishes out their summer festival circuit.

—Melissa Caruso

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