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Exclusive: Get A Sneak Peek Of The Mississippi Grind Soundtrack with Marshall Chapman’s “Rainbow Road”

Mississippi Grind PicA road trip just ain’t a road trip without a killer soundtrack. That’s one lesson you won’t have to teach the creators of Mississippi Grind, a new movie starring Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds. The former plays Gerry, a down-on-his-luck gambler up to his ears in debts he can’t pay and the later, Curtis, a hotshot newcomer.  When Gerry decides that Curtis is his good luck charm, he talks him into a road trip to a high stakes power game New Orleans. The buddies gamble their way down the Mississippi River, set against a blues heavy soundtrack, which divided into two albums: Gerry’s Road Mix and Curtis’ Road Mix, both compilations offering deeper insight into to the complex characters. Big Bill Broonzy, Junior Kimbrough and Odetta make appearances on Gerry’s soundtrack, and John Lee Hooker, Leo “Bud” Welch, R.L. Burnside are just a few of the legends on Curtis’.

As well as playing the role of Curtis’ mother in the film, prolific country singer/songwriter Marshall Chapman also contributed her song “Rainbow Road” to his mix. Chapman’s androgynous elegance adds the perfect inflection of melancholy to this ballad about the hardships and reversals of fortune we all face throughout our lives. Chapman’s tune is an evocative and intriguing single for a film about a gambling duo, and promises a film that will be deeply rooted in the murky underbelly of America featuring classic characters and a fully loaded soundtrack.

Mississippi Grind will hit theaters on September 25th, but Mississippi Grind Vol 1: Gerry’s Road Mix and Mississippi Grind Vol 2: Curtis’ Road Mix are available digitally as of today. Give “Rainbow Road” a listen below.

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