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Exclusive: Larissia Murphy Shines On A Gentle Country Tune From Her Debut EP

Larissia Murphy by Jim Shea
Larissia Murphy by Jim Shea

Good things take time. Case in point, despite living in Nashville for a decade, country songstress Larissia Murphy is just now getting set to release her first EP. But she’s quickly making up for lost time by assembling a dream team of collaborators, including 5-time Grammy award winning producer Ray Kennedy, who worked with Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin, executive producer Fiona Prine and a who’s who of Nashville session players.

The album’s title, Speak Your Mind, is a motto for an artist who is finally coming into her own and discovering her place in country music. Hailing from East Kentucky, the singer has said, “For a long time I didn’t really feel like there was a place for me in country music. I felt disconnected from what I was hearing on the radio. I never really felt encouraged to be myself or put out the kind of music that I loved.” It’s this disconnectedness and desire to speak from a fresh perspective, as well as the passion with which Murphy has approached this long-time-coming debut that gives her music such a distinctive feel.

“Late One Night” the first single from her album, highlights the artist’s push and pull between the traditional and the contemporary, with introspective lyricism and a vibe that could only emanate from an old-soul, yet still feels like a perfect fit in today’s songbook. The track is a simple and gentle song of love and yearning, rooted by Murphy’s earthy, deep vocals and lovely but understated instrumentation.

Speak Your Mind is set for a November  20th release. Give “Late One Night” a listen below.

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