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Exclusive: Ryan Shupe Conjures Up Sunny Days With His Exuberant New Track

Ryan Shupe
Photo by Bry Cox

When Utah based performer Ryan Shupe penned the exuberant title track to his upcoming album, We Rode On, it was far more than a generic pop anthem; it was an anthem for Shupe as a veteran performer– someone who has been playing music, singing and writing songs since he was ten years old– keep persevering, keep finding inspiration and always enjoy the ride.

Even with seven albums under their belt and a Top 40 Hit on the Billboard Country Charts from their Capitol Records release, Dream Big, Ryan Shupe and his bluegrass/jam heavy band the Rubberband felt that for their latest album it was time for a change, and led by Shupe, pursued a sound focused on the principles of pop/rock.

If “We Rode On” is any example, the band is adjusting to the genre beautifully, spinning sing-along pop gold, while still offering their own take on the genre thanks to Shupe’s love of bluegrass instrumentation. Case in point: he swapped out lead guitar for a mandolin for this track.

In the accompanying video for the single, shots of a high energy live performance by Shupe and his band are intercut by a bevy of attractive young people cruising down the California highway and frolicking on a beach, which, let’s be real, is probably exactly the mental image you would have conjured up if you listened to this jam with your eyes closed.

Watch the video for “We Rode On Below,” and look out for the album this November.


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