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Exclusive: Stephen Kellogg Sets Out To Be The “Last Man Standing” In Folksy New Track

Stephen KelloggStephen Kellogg is a respected name in the music scene not because of his cutthroat attitude or meteoric rise to the top, but rather because of his steadfast commitment and genuine affection for what he does. If Stephen Kellogg is the last man standing, it will be because of perseverance and heart; he has performed for nearly a decade, playing close to 2,000 shows on almost every continent, even giving a TEDx Talk on the subject of job satisfaction.

The artist’s new track, “Last Man Standing,” reveals a similarly surprising duality that encapsulates who Kellogg is as a performer and a human; though by name it sounds like a track that may burst out of the gates with electricity and vigor, the track sends a different message, gently loping along at the crossroads of folk and Americana. Kellogg and his guitar are the central focus of the track, with occasional harmonies and the addition of banjos, harmonica and percussion punctuating the plaintive croon of the melody.

South, West, North, East, Kellogg’s latest effort, is a further example of his commitment to thoroughness in his musical pursuits. The four part album, which will be released in full on February 12th of next year, features tracks recorded in four distinct geographic locales: Nashville and Atlanta for “South,” Boulder, CO for “West,” Woodstock, New York for “North,” and Washington D.C. for “East.” To truly capture the sound where he traveled, he recorded each group of tracks with different producers and musicians.

Give a listen to the Eastern track, “Last Man Standing,” below.

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