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Exclusive: NYC-Based Singer-Songwriter Brave The Night’s Dreamy New Album

Album artAssuming the stage name of Brave The Night, NYC-based singer-songwriter and pianist Matt Bravmann is releasing his debut album, Mind On Fire, tomorrow. Inspired by all sorts of music, Bravmann combines soft indie-folk with blissful blues and hints of alternative rock, using the piano as his medium for developing his slightly vintage, old-fashioned folk singer-songwriter style, comparable to the likes of young Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens.

On Mind On Fire, Bravmann presents an uncomplicated, refreshing collection of tracks full of deep melody and melancholy. Opening with the track “Window To The World”, we are given a first taste of the simple but sweet rhythms Brave The Night works with, while the album’s title track introduces us to his songwriting, as his tender voice sings “Alone among the ashes of the dreams that might have been/So much to see but where do I begin?” Finally, the record ends with the aptly named “The Nightmare”, an eerie, but equally gorgeous track relying heavily on its piano-based instrumentation, but accompanied by Bravmann’s storytelling and unexpected experimental synth-like beats, elements that would never seem to go together if not for the album’s inception.

By blending different genres with his signature piano work, and allowing his voice and songwriting to tell endless stories, Matt Bravmann has journeyed into a whirlwind of delicate, dreamy tracks complete with harmony, depth, and originality.


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